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Thalia Pantoja


As chapter President, it is her responsibility to oversee all aspects of chapter operations. The chapter President presides at EC and chapter meetings, represents the chapter at campus meetings, Zeta Tau Alpha conferences and oversees chapter reporting. It is ultimately the responsibility of the President to see that the chapter understands and abides by all National Policies, university and state laws. The President is the leader of the chapter and the chapter's hostess and ambassador. The progress the chapter makes during her time in office depends largely on her guidance and direction. The President should see that each member receives all the benefits of Zeta membership by ensuring that a varied chapter program is in place. She should see that each member contributes her talents to ZTA, lead the group in the direction that is in the best interest of the chapter and the fraternity, and see that chapter functions are carried out properly--programs planned and executed, policies and procedures followed, reports completed properly and submitted on time, and that all officers carry out their responsibilities. She should encourage each member to view Zeta membership as a lifetime commitment and opportunity. She should encourage the chapter to meet its potential in all areas of operation.

Jericka Hudson

VP1: Coordinator of Committees

The Creed of Zeta Tau Alpha begins “To realize that within our grasp in Zeta Tau Alpha lies the opportunity to learn those things which will ever enrich and ennoble our lives.” The learning and enrichment our members receive is the responsibility of Program Council and, ultimately, the VPI. The VPI plans and coordinates a strong, well-balanced chapter program that is relevant to the needs and desires of the chapter. She serves as the chairman of Program Council (PC) and acts as the liaison between PC and EC. Since PC is often the training ground for future EC officers, the VPI must assist in the development of leadership skills among the members of the Council.

Lory Munoz

VP2: New Member Coordinator

The VPII is responsible for preparing new members for a lifetime association with Zeta Tau Alpha. The Second Vice President is their primary contact and is charged with organizing, coordinating, and executing a strong new member program that blends the interests, aims, and activities of the new members and the initiated members into a unified whole. The Second Vice President works closely with the Ritual Chairman to conduct Post Initiate Education, the House Manager to see that the new members are welcomed and encouraged to use the chapter facility, the Sisterhood Chairman on planning a total chapter retreat, the Fraternity Education Chairman to assist in new member learning, the Academic Achievement Chairman to develop study skills programs, and the Activities Chairman to see that the new members are introduced to campus organizations and activities.

Tawnni Santee

VP3: Membership Chairman

The Third Vice President has responsibility for member recruitment and retention. Since the future of Zeta Tau Alpha depends upon continued growth of the Fraternity, the VPIII must be committed to maintaining maximum allowable chapter size at all times. She must understand the need to add women that enhance the chapter membership. She coordinates all recruitment efforts and events. The VPIII works closely with the Historian or Public Relations Chairman in developing strategies for year-round positive campus exposure, the Sisterhood Chairman to see that member experience is positive and the Social Chairman to ensure that campus image is never detrimental. She must be pro-active in seeking ways for members to meet unaffiliated women on campus, whether or not the chapter is at or above Panhellenic total.

Heather Brandt

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary is responsible for managing, disseminating and maintaining chapter information and records. Information in the form of minutes keeps chapter members aware and involved. Reports sent to International Office provide National Officers with knowledge to assist the chapter. Current and relevant bylaws help the chapter operate efficiently.

Priscilla Urioste


The Treasurer is charged with the financial stability of the chapter. In order for members to have an enriching and rewarding chapter experience, the chapter must have the financial ability to offer programming, activities and social experiences. It is also important that the chapter is able to meet its financial obligations to the Fraternity, the Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity Housing Corporation, the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation and local vendors. Although fiscal health is the concern of every member, the Treasurer manages and is responsible for all chapter money management. The Treasurer also works closely with the VPIII to keep an accurate count of the membership, and maintains the membership reports in ZetaBase.

Sara Connelly


The Historian-Reporter’s duties are three-fold. She provides a bridge from the past to the future as she maintains the chapter’s historical record, including the scrapbook, and any archival materials. As the chapter reporter, she is the link between the chapter and alumnae, the campus, the National Fraternity, and the general public. Her role is also to create and relay positive PR regarding ZTA and its members. She is the PR manager and “marketer” of the chapter to the rest of the community.

Samantha Martinez

Ritual chairman

The Ritual Chairman has the vital role of insuring that the chapter follows Fraternity rituals as written. No two chapters are exactly the same, but the ritual is the common bond that links all chapters together and makes them uniquely Zeta Tau Alpha. The Ritual Chairman sees that rituals are presented with dignity, pride and respect according to all written guidelines. She is responsible for helping the chapter view the ceremonies with all their symbolism and meaning. The Ritual Chairman works closely with the VPII to plan and conduct Post Initiate Education, the Fraternity Education Chairman to help plan programming that ties the history of ZTA to our rituals, and the Sisterhood Chairman to develop the spiritual side of sisterhood.

Jenny Cleaver

Panhellenic Delegate

The Panhellenic Delegate is ZTA’s ambassador to the rest of the greater fraternity/sorority community. She should help her chapter understand that they are all members of Panhellenic, but must realize that her first loyalty is always to Zeta Tau Alpha and what is in ZTA’s best interest. She attends regular Panhellenic Council meetings and serves as ZTA’s liaison to other sororities and groups on campus.

Ariana Woods

Risk Reduction and Education

The Risk Reduction and Education Chairman coordinates educational programming and risk prevention efforts for the chapter. She educates the chapter about ZTA National Policies, risk reduction procedures and safe social event management. Working with the Director of Social Events on PC, she makes sure all necessary events are documented with a Risk Reduction & Event Planning Checklist. She coordinates harm reduction and risk prevention procedures for events. She serves as the liaison for all campus and ZTA programs and training that relate to risk management and social responsibility.

Symone Dawson

Academic Achievement

Zeta Tau Alpha recognizes that all chapter members’ primary focus should be on excelling academically. AACH is in charge of creating chapter programming that should enhance this goal rather than compete with it. While ZTA acknowledges that academic achievement is a personal matter, it also encourages each member and new member to reach her potential. AACH programming should motivate members to study and provide techniques and strategies for academic success. The primary responsibility for the AACH Chairman is to develop a well rounded and comprehensive Scholastic Achievement Program. Components of a Scholastic Achievement Program should include GPA Goals for both individual chapter members and Chapter as a whole; Programming aspects including study hours, study buddies, and guest speakers; develop New Member scholastic education opportunities, and chapter wide incentive programs.

Chapter News